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Let's kickstart Rust Melbourne 2020 in March!


- Longer Talks
- Lightning talks
- Looking for work/looking for people
- Hacking and networking

On the night we have the following talks:

== Getting meta: Rust as a language for building developer tooling
by Jeff Parsons ==

Jeff Parsons shares his experience of building “Armchair General”: a build orchestration tool for monorepos, which is now in an integral part of the CI pipeline at Stile Education. He’ll cover:

- Why Stile decided to build something in-house. Why not just use Bazel? Was it “Not Invented Here” syndrome?
- How they decided to try Rust specifically, and why they thought it might be a good idea.
- What was involved in building it:
- How do you structure a tool like this?
- “Must-have” crates and techniques for smashing out reliable dev tooling
- Setbacks and mitigations
- How it worked out in practice, compared to both our past developer tooling projects and our hopes of what using Rust might buy us. Would we do it again?

== Building a DMX lighting control app in Rust by Jacob Haslehurst ==

Roller is a lighting control app, written in Rust, intended for use in DJ environments, with an interface built around MIDI control.
- Live demo of app in use
- Walkthrough of app
- configuring lighting fixtures & outputting DMX data
- MIDI control
- effects engine

If you too would like give a long or lightning talk on the night or in the future, please get in touch with any of the organizers!

Thanks to our sponsors:
- Two Bulls for hosting and refreshments (https://www.twobulls.com/)
- Counterpoint Group for food (www.counterpointgroup.com.au)

See you there :)