Hands-on Rust

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This is a special event. It will be hands-on projects. We're looking at the BusyBox project (collection of *nix commands) and each person (or team) will chose a simple command to rewrite in Rust. The more experienced Rust developers (Ryan, Austin, and friends) will assist other participants with completing the project by the end of the night.

Join our Slack to start forming teams and choosing projects @ https://join.slack.com/t/rustsacramento/shared_invite/enQtNjAxOTAxNDQwNDM5LTRjMWQ2MDBkY2U0MjNkMTk5NTBlNjFiOGUyOGYyZGQzNDEyMzA3ZjhiOGRjNTA0NWM2MjhmMjY1ZWY1MzQ4MjQ

Food will be provided by LaunchBadge.