Learning Rust #2 - Control flow and pattern matching


# Welcome to Seoul Rust meetup,

Seoul Rust is a monthly meetup for Rust developers, enthusiasts and people new to the language that want to study together. We hope that it can be a community for Rust developers in Seoul and a place to share news on the language, present projects and connect with other developers. Ideally all Rust developers in Seoul will drop by to connect with our community at some point.

We will meet up once a month in a cafe and the schedule will be published on meetup.com. Check here for the next meetup date and location.


Description: To be announced

## Location
To be announced

## Meetup
* Open discussion about the latest in Rust news
* Members presenting their project. Open for anyone that wants to present.
* Studying Rust language concepts together

## Reasons to attend
* A Rust developer
* Want to learn Rust
* Teach Rust to others
* Present a project

## Group Telegram chat
Join our group chat! (mainly English)

## Other communities in Korea
Korean language online community
Discord link - https://rust-kr.org/