Rust Townsquare Gathering Oktober

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Hear ye, Hear ye,

in the second of the lord[masked] after 0. Let ye gather to listen to the tales of two brave heros, who passing through from the land of ogres, badaliscs and pizza. Bringing us wisdom forged in the fires of mount vesuvius. They will liberate us from the evils of inheritance and show us the way of the traits. With their magical power and prowess they will show us how to create our own illusion using the spellbook of gtk. Fear not our magic torches and borrowchecker will fend of the evil and the blessings will be bestowed on the code once more.

In our middst we welcome our rust comrades from italia who were kind enough to take their time to visit us: Antonio Piraino and Alessandro Cresto Miseroglio

To prepare theeself for bringing the right quills and parchments:

Antonio Piraino und Alessandro Cresto Miseroglio: Into Rust Trait Objects

Rust has a great strong typing system, but as soon as one starts structuring an application, it becomes apparent how it can easily end up duplicating code. A bit more flexibility is the solution when building the business logic.
What if you could define a shared behavior between different structures? Common Traits come to the rescue, but sometimes zero-cost Traits are not enough, and a minimal runtime is needed.
We will show in simple terms what the problem is about, introducing Object Traits and step by step we will lead the audience to the suggested solution, exploring how the runtime introduced by Object Trait differs from other programming languages and how it cost in terms of performance.

Antonio Piraino: GTK-rs introduction

A lot of what we do happens on the Web. The browser is nowadays the single tool that runs many applications. However, stand-alone, desktop-centric applications are far from being forgotten. Would you like to see the basics of writing a GUI application in Rust?
GTK-rs is the most promising GUI toolkit. In this short introduction we will show how to build a simple GUI that uses standard widgets, just to whet your appetite. Bonus point, how to run async tasks without blocking the main GUI.

Lightning talks are always welcome.

As always don't be shy, the dunning kruger effect is bidirectional ;) we're all sailors in the sea of incompetence holding a candle towards its vastness trying to spot some land.

Btw I recommend looking up badaliscs, great mythical creatures ;D close to the wolpertinger!