Talk: 5 Essential Traits

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Come and learn about the Rust programming language! July features an accessible talk that will benefit anyone taking a look at Rust, whatever their background.


17:30 doors open
17:45 slightly uncomfortable group intros
18:00 main talk: 5 Essential Traits
18:30 community noticeboard: "we're hiring"/"hire me"/...
18:40 lightning talks: 4 slots available
19:00 wrap up

Talk Abstract

Programming in Rust is all about being nice to your future self. This talk covers the traits that you'll most likely encounter as a newcomer to the language. Learn how to make your type printable, serializeable, sortable and more. Most importantly for polygot programmers, learn how to expose a stable API so that your Rust library is easy to consume from your main language's foreign function interface.

This talk is intended for programmers who are proficient in another programming language, but who are interested about Rust and its potential to strengthen software projects.

About the Speaker

Tim is a software engineer with Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system. Tim describes Rust as the language that enables Haskell and Java programmers to get along. He has past experience leading big data software projects for DOT Loves Data, and led training and outreach at the New Zealand eScience Infrastructure. He's the author of upcoming book, Rust in Action, published by Manning Publications.


We're still awaiting final confirmation, but thanks to VUW's School of Engineering & Computer Science, it looks like have a space! Lecture Room GBLT4 in Old Government Buildings.

Food & Drink

Food and drink is not provided. (If you know of a potential sponsor, please shout out!)