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Rust Wroclaw Meetup #5

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We invite everyone to join us in October for another meeting focusing on Rust language! Everyone is welcome!


17:45 Doors open

18:00 "No matter how far I go, I always go back to native" by Tomasz Barański

Tomasz shares snapshots of his life as a programmer, explaining programming languages he wanted to use, he had to use, and why he always goes back to native programming. As he goes through projects and technologies, trends start to be seen, leading him eventually to Rust. He argues that design decisions behind several Rust's features were influenced by those trends, and that Rust did not jump out of some Zeus's head like Athena, but is a result of thoughtful consideration of computer science ideas and practices.

Tomasz is a thoughtful programmer with years of experience working for both big corps and small startups. He likes to go deep on problems, understand them thoroughly and solve them at the core. He considers himself a polyglot programmer, using the right tool for the job. Feels licensed to do evil with JSLint but, sadly, never found a use evil enough to exercise the license.

Language: English/Polish
Level: Beginner

* * * * N E T W O R K I N G, pizza, drinks etc. * * * *

~19:00 "Rewrite them all" by Grzegorz Wilczyński

Language: English/Polish
Level: Beginner

~19:25 "EnumMap - clear and safe container/EnumMap - Klarowny i bezpieczny kontener" by Aleksander Fular

Co uwazam ze jest najlepsze w Ruscie? Bezpieczenstwo? Zwiezly syntax? Derive? Wydajnosc? W tej krotkiej pogadance opowiem o typie ktory najbardziej mi sie podoba w moim domowym projekcie. Mapa ktora za klucz uzywa prostego enuma, bardzo dobrze pokazuje to co najbardziej podoba mi sie w jezyku Rust.

What I think is best about rust? Safety, concise syntax? Derive? Performance? In this short talk i will present my implementation of enummap, associative container that for key uses plain enum, that adheres to and shows things i like most about Rust language.

Depending on audience this talk will be given in English or Polish

Language: English/Polish
Level: Beginner

After talks we invite you to networking accompanied by drinks and snacks. As we think it will be also a good opportunity to plan further Rustaceans meetups :) See you at the meeting at ANIXE's office!