Rust Wroclaw Meetup #11

This is a past event

35 people went


Rustaceans of all skill levels are welcome: we are more than happy to help those starting their journey with Rust.

This month we want to introduce a brand new format of a meeting called "Show & Tell". Its aim is to present one of our actual projects written in Rust. We have three volunteers for the upcoming event*:

Title: Makra w ruście – po co, jak i dlaczego?
Language: Polish
Speaker: Błażej Święcicki
Difficulty Level: intermediate
Description: Rust reklamuje się między innymi tym, że ma higieniczne makra. O co chodzi? Po co to komu? Czy da się tego łatwo użyć? Okazuje się, że są sytuacje, w których makra w Ruście bardzo nam pomogą, a wcale nie są aż tak trudne, jak by się mogło wydawać. Zobaczmy więc kilka przykładów i przedyskutujmy co, jak i dlaczego robią.

Title: How fast can we blink?
Language: English / Polish – based on audience choice
Speaker: Michał Chodzikiewicz
Difficulty Level: beginner
Description: Rust newcomer conclusions after POC project in Rust on small microcontroller. How well does Rust fit bare-metal systems, is it really zero cost? How quickly can we run our first programtwo? C/C++ vs Rust working environment comparison.

Title: System for worldbuilding and sharing notes from roleplay session
Language: English/Polish – based on audience choice
Difficulty Level: beginner
Speaker: Wojciech Polak
Description: Game masters are often creating vast and rich worlds for theirs roleplay campaigns. It requires advanced skills in managing notes. I'll present you my idea for editing, storing and sharing notes with rust-made system and tools.

Join us. Come to the meeting. Talk to other Rustaceans and... Let's Rust!

* The talks and their order might change at any time.