Rust Wrocław Meetup #15


Rustaceans of all skill levels are welcome: we are more than happy to help those starting their journey with Rust.

* * * * AGENDA * * * *

18:00 Doors open

18:10 "Self-referential structs and how to make them" - Wojciech Polak
Sometimes you need to make structure that you know its valid but current Rust implementation won't allow you. During this presentation I'll show you how to create self-referential structs, wrap them into safe objects and what to look for.

Wojciech Polak - Coorganizer of Rust Meetup, currently employed as full time Rust developer in Anixe

Language: Polish or English
Level: Semi-intermediate

19:30 Quick break

19:45: "It's neither Web nor Assembly, it's WebAssembly!" - Jakub Trąd
A short introduction to WebAssembly. What is it? Why is it? How is Rust involved? What can we use it for? (but he doesn't really tweet)

Language: English
Level: Some programming knowledge will be helpful, no Rust required

20:30 networking

Everyone with Basic Rust knowledge and some background in objective programming is very welcome do join us.

See you at the meeting!

* * * * N E T W O R K I N G * * * *

We strongly encourage you to stay with us after the meeting and take part in the networking 🍻🍕🍜☕, which is sponsored by Anixe.