Rust Wrocław Meetup #17

Rust Wroclaw
Rust Wroclaw
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Rustaceans of all skill levels are welcome: we are more than happy to help those starting their journey with Rust.

* * * * AGENDA * * * *

18:00 Doors open

18:10: "Fantastic Actors and Where to Find Them, or: building a simple async actor system from scratch" - Patryk Wychowaniec
A gentle introduction into the actor model followed with coding a simple async actor system from scratch.

Language: English
Level: Intermediate

19:30 Quick break

19:40 "Make yourself a new lint" - Rafał Chabowski
Let's briefly discuss what is Clippy and how it can spot even more potential issues in your code that the Rust compiler itself. I will present some interesting lints, show how to create one on your own and finally, how to contribute it to the Rust community.

Language: English
Level: Basic knowledge about the Rust programming language might come in handy but is not required.

About author: C++ developer currently working on the face recognition software at Thaumatec, the IoT company in Wrocław, Poland. Rafał has 15+ years of experience developing software for different industries and helping the companies grow by building and leading teams of engineers. In spare time, he's an avid squash player, 8-bit retro-computer programmer and Rust programming language passionate.

20:30 networking

Everyone with Basic Rust knowledge and some background in objective programming is very welcome to join us.

See you at the meeting!

* * * * N E T W O R K I N G * * * *

We strongly encourage you to stay with us after the meeting and take part in networking 🍻🍕🍜☕, which is sponsored by Anixe.

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