Build Ethereum on CKB - Nervos Dev Workshop

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This is a hands-on workshop focus on smart contract development. In this workshop, you are going to learn how to build Ethereum on Nervos CKB on your own.

Before the practice, you need to have:
Basic knowledge of blockchains and one of the following programming languages: C, JS, Solidity

On the workshop, you will also learn:
Implement a new signature algorithm with C; JS implementation of the UDT.

You’ll be able to:
After the workshop, participants should be able to build a brand new set of dapps that are impossible to build in the majority of existing blockchains.

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Speaker: Xuejie Xiao

Xuejie is the core developer on CKB VM (, a virtual machine built on Nervos CKB. He has been working on blockchain wallets and mining pools, as well as researching virtual machine technologies.


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Nervos Network

Nervos is building infrastructure for the decentralized economy with a layered architecture. The layer 1 protocol of the Nervos Network is the Common Knowledge Base (CKB), an open, public and Proof of Work based blockchain. The CKB provides store of assets and value, and serves as anchor of trust for layer 2s with unlimited scalability.