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Rust Meetup #3 - Network Simulation and Web Assembly
We will have 3 topics! Talks will start at 19:00, but come early for chat, snacks and drinks! Registration is required. Nerijus Arlauskas - Worrying less about resources in Rust. In this entry-level talk, we will take a look at how Rust's ownership system allows for straightforward control of resources, and compare it to "std::move" in C++ and "using" block in C#. Povilas Balčiūnas - Network simulation in Rust. Povilas will talk about a network simulator project used to test decentralized networks at MaidSafe, where he works as Rust developer. Florent Bécart - Building a single-page web application in Rust. Florent will describe his experience building a WebAssembly web app in Rust, using cargo-web and Yew. Big thanks to Tesonet, who are hosting our meetup! We also heard they are hiring: We at Tesonet spend our days working on a number of projects that are taking the tech world by storm. Specialising in various fields from cybersecurity to big data, we never face a dull moment here. At Tesonet we always think big. Having more than 400 employees now, our growth plans don’t stop here. In 2017 we hired 200+ IT professionals and by the end of the year we’re planning to become home for 500 tech experts. We build the digital future. And have fun on the way!


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