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Hey, we are doing the first Rust meetup in Vilnius! In addition to a talk, we will have a Rust hacking session, where we will use Rust while working on real projects.

For this special event, we will take part in , a two-day Rust code sprint which also takes place in Paris, Cologne and Berlin. There will be many interesting projects from the Rust ecosystem for you to choose, but you can also start a new project or simply learn Rust.

To help us prepare, please fill in a short survey (

Saturday, 13:00 - Why Rust?

We will start off with a talk about the Rust itself.

Why another programing language? What is Rust useful for? What can we do with Rust today? Who uses Rust, and why? What is the best way to learn it?

Saturday, 13:45 - Getting started workshop

If you are new to Rust (, you are welcome too! This talk will be streamlined to get your bearings in the Rust world. You will learn of available tools (, where to find help (, how to navigate rust crates (, how to find documentation. We will also write the first simple program that highlights differences between Rust and other languages.

Prerequisites: for this workshop, many editors can be used (, but we recommend to download and install IntelliJ IDEA CE. Instructions to set up are here: .

Saturday, 14:30 - 21:00 - Rust hacking session

Next, we will group up to work on Rust projects!

There will be many possibilities:

• Find an interesting Rust project, for example, one of those which participate in ( event and contribute to it. Each of them will have mentors that will be able to help you over an irc.

• Start a new project! This will be great place to find other people interested in similar ideas, so you can try something new together.

• Learn Rust, or help others to learn.

Sunday, 11:00 - 18:00 - Rust hacking session (continued)

We will continue ( hacking session the next day.