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Rust DC Learn + Try: Embedded Rust

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Scott S. and Anders B.


James Munns ( will be discussing a hybrid approach (drivers in C, application in Rust) to using Rust productively on embedded devices. He's working on a (hopefully repeatable) way to use manufacturer-provided driver libraries via Bindgen and Rust build scripts.

The particular target device will be the Nordic nRF52, a widely used Bluetooth Low Energy microcontroller. We have 4 of these that we'll be using to try out the results of James' work—hopefully we can at least get some blinkenlights.

The talk will be pretty accessible to developers with little to no embedded programming experience (like me!). The demo portion will use (for which guests may want to download/build the pre-requisites ( ahead of time).

Pizza will be provided (feel free to suggest toppings).

The venue is a 3 minute walk from the Ballston Metro Station. Vehicle parking is available in the building's garage entering from

N. Vermont St (Google Maps (

and Distil Networks will validate parking (yay!). If the elevators or front doors are locked before 7 (we are trying to have them remain unlocked), please feel free to call/text Scott at 732.759.0006 and we will come let you up. If you park below the building, the doors to the elevator area should now also be unlocked.

Flash photography is not supported. HTML5+JS photography is fine.

4501 N. Fairfax Dr. Suite 200 · Arlington, VA
32 spots left