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Join our holistic lifestyle focused group where we offer meetups around topics of physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization who's mission is to increase and encourage holistic living and we provide both FREE and paid educational opportunities, workshops and events to promote a balanced life for all.

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Goddess Workshop

S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center

During this 2 hour class, we will use the symbol of the Goddess Tara as inspiration, who is a deity of Love and Compassion both in Hinduism, Tantra, and Tibetan Buddhism. --Come to this class and practice self-love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness --Come to this class to connect to the wisdom of your intuitive self --Come to celebrate and honor the divine feminine within you --Give yourself the gift of creating a “Goddess Kit” to take with you The month of February is often a time to celebrate love of another… Come celebrate the love of yourself so that you may be more fully able to engage in a loving relationship with your life and the lives you touch. Class cost: $20 Materials: $10 *Must Pre-Register for class by following this link: https://rebrand.ly/holisd2c27

{FREE} Yoga Class

Needs a location

Start of your Sunday morning right with this FREE yoga class where you will be guided through a flow of poses to bring flexibility, balance, peace of mind and better physicality to your life. Held every 4th Sunday of the month - location may vary. *Minimum of 4 participants required for class to be taught. MUST RESERVE your spot to attend at www.sagewellnessctr.org/calendar

Self Defense for Clinical Therapists: Advanced Training

PRE-REQUISITE: Self Defense Training: Level 1 Take your Self Defense Tools to the next level after you complete LEVEL 1 and continue to sharpen your skills and improve confidence. Joseph Celis, M.S., CSCS and former law enforcement will take you through another in depth 4 hour course where you will be trained on: -Advanced Physical Strikes for Self Defense -Advanced Tactical Tool Training -Victim Position Escapes -Setting Up Your Office -Live Scenario Testing TAKE ACTION AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! Follow this link: https://rebrand.ly/holis14bcf

Self Defense for Teens

Needs a location

This 4-hour course covers imperative personal safety information and tools to develop mindset, awareness, confidence and effective skills to protect yourself in and out of an office setting. Course instructor, Joseph Celis, MS, CSCS, is former law enforcement and has over 25 years experience in self defense, martial arts, and in teaching practical skills for personal safety. Joseph utilizes his knowledge and experience with an effective teaching method and approach that reaches all through his calm and helpful demeanor where no question is left unanswered and you leave class feeling as though you have an ally on your side for good. During class, practical knowledge will be learned in an educational setting, then applied during the tactical and experiential portion of class. Class will convene with each participant having solid knowledge about these concepts: • Crime Statistics • Self Defense & California Law • Situational Awareness • Entering & Exiting Various Locations and How to Protect Yourself • Proper Police Notification • When to Engage and When to Tactically Retreat • Self Defense Tools & How to Properly Use Them (OC Spray, Taser, Tactical Pen, etc) • Know how to Defend or Escape from the most Commonly Used Positions of Attack *Course tuition includes an OC Spray (Self Defense Tool) It is never too late to increase your ability to feel empowered in possible situations that could otherwise prove dangerous. TAKE ACTION & RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! Register here: https://rebrand.ly/sagew-69e16

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{FREE} Meditation + Reiki Healing + S.A.G.E. Smudge

S.A.G.E. Holistic Health & Wellness Center

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