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How do you burn over 800 calories in a workout? You could run 7 miles, or you could spend about an hour minutes with Sabertooth Fitness and train with great people in a fun and safe environment. This class/crew is ideal if you are prepping for a mud run, trying to lose weight, generally upping your fitness game, or looking for a physical challenge. Maybe you just want to find a group of friendly, fit people to bring out the best in you.

These are fun and reasonably priced outdoor workouts at the beach, park, stairs, etc. with Supramaximal Interval Training practitioner, and fitness/nutrition geek, me...Pete Neumann. I completely abandoned the gym for high-intensity, body weight training techniques, and I am sorry that I didn't discover this a long time ago.

This is as intense as you want it to be. All fitness levels are welcome, and all fitness levels benefit. We have produced more six-packs than a brewery and more hot butts than and ashtray. If you stick with it, you absolutely will see real results.

Come test yourself....this is hands-down, the most challenging boot camp in Los Angeles. We have attracted an excellent group of athletes. Steel sharpens steel--join us, and take your fitness to a new level.

Everyone has the ability to perform at a high level of athleticism. Most people simple never learn how to tap that potential. We don't give you single-joint/single-muscle movements, these lead to an unbalanced and un-natural physique. We train you with functional, tactical, natural, multi-joint/muscle movements that are designed to bring out the best version of you that is hidden inside.

I don't just tell you what to do and watch you do it--we do the whole workout with you. I look forward to unleashing the athlete inside of you. Bring your determination and intensity, and I will bring the experience and guidance. Come join me to get that beach body that really turns heads :)

Don't forget to catch us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/622997717730678/)--it turns out the people that train together turn out to be pretty good friends, too. Fitness tips, nutrition advice, and more can be found at the Sabertooth Fitness website. (http://www.sabertoothfitness.com)....and you can train with Pete one-on-one via video at ANYWON (https://anywon.com/app.html#!/connections/profile/266).

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