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Wednesday Knight Watch Boardgames!
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Knight Watch Games

16350 Blanco Road · San Antonio

What we're about

Welcome to the San Antonio Board Gamers. The group started back in 2005 with only 2 fellas, and has continued to grow through the years. As one of those 2 who started the group, I've gone ahead and started a meetup to attract even more gamers!

We are interested in finding people who enjoy specifically games like euros, from classics like Puerto Rico and Caylus, to the newer hits like Pandemic, Endeavor, and Dominion. We also enjoy games from the Fantasy Flight line of games and the occasional wargame (from GMT, Columbia Games, Lock N Load, etc).

The group meets at least once a week, generally on Monday and Thursday evenings at Dragon's Lair on Fredericksburg and Medical (next to the medical center). So come by, pull up a chair, and join us. Everyone from the seasoned gamer, to the simply curious are invited to join.

In the back storeroom of Dragon's Lair Annex (open playing area), there are "Players Wanted" signs that you can use to simplify inviting players to join you in a game. Feel free to use them, but don't forget to put them back when you're done!

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