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Chanting to the Open Heart
Updated 8/19/2017 with recent change in schedule Every Sunday we gather at 6:30 for a joyous hour of chanting when we connect with the sacred energy within and around. Chanting is facilitated by experienced Kirtan leaders each week. No singing experience needed--all that is needed is an open heart. Percussion instruments available or bring your own if desired. Your love donation offerings are split between the performers and Sacred Lands so that this sacred work can be continued. Facilitators: 1st Sunday: Sarasota Rockin Kirtan Band 2nd Sunday: Suzanne Alvarez 3rd Sunday: Joel and Kerri 4th Sunday: Joel Jadis Months with 5 Sundays (October, December 2017, April, July, September and December 2018): Bhaav When asked to say what Kirtan means to him Joel Jadus had this to say.... "Group chanting (Kirtan) is yoga (union of body-spirit-soul) through voice, music, dance, sound & vibration. It's a fun, loving, supportive, welcoming, uplifting, energizing community meditation & prayer where we gather to connect with each other and with God/Goddess/Creator/Source of All That gratitude and celebration for the gift of Life!" No experience of musical talent is necessary-All are invited and warmly welcomed! Our contact number is[masked] if you have questions. The web address is

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