What we're about

The SAFE Network (Secure Access For Everyone), in development by the MaidSafe group, aims to create a decentralised and secure web (whitepaper (https://github.com/maidsafe/Whitepapers/blob/master/Project-Safe.md)). The SAFE Network (https://safenetwork.tech) is a secure and fully decentralised data management service. The network is made up from the unused computer resources provided by the network users. By providing resources users earn Safecoins (https://medium.com/safenetwork/wtf-is-safecoin-7cbb969d9d34) - a digital currency that can be used to access network services. The SAFE Network also supports distributed applications that can be accessed, for free or paid for, by the network users.

More info:

• Technology Overview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdGH40oUVDY)

• MaidSafe Official Webpage (http://maidsafe.net/)

• Discussion Forum (https://safenetforum.org)

• Roadmap (https://safenetwork.tech/timeline/)

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New Unity

SAFENetwork London: Xmas piggyback on CoinScrum

79-81 Paul St

SAFENetwork London monthly

Flying Horse Pub

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