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This is a chance to join together with other SAFE Network fans and evangelists to chat about the impact and implications of the release of this open source Network.

The SAFE Network (Secure Access For Everyone) is a project that started in 2006 by MaidSafe with the sole aim of creating a decentralised and secure web with freedom, security and privacy for all.

Over the past twelve years, a team of developers distributed around the world have been focused on building out the open source project ( https://github.com/maidsafe ). Today, the SAFE Network is nearing the final vision: the release of a fully autonomous decentralised data and communications network for the world.

The Network is made up from the unused computer resources provided by the network users, in return for which users will be rewarded with Safecoins ( https://medium.com/safenetwork/wtf-is-safecoin-7cbb969d9d34 ) - a digital currency that can be used to access network services. The SAFE Network also supports distributed applications that can be accessed, for free or paid for, by the network users.

More info:
• Discussion Forum ( https://safenetforum.org )
• Technology Overview (


• SAFE Network webpage ( https://safenetwork.tech/ )

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