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Do you want to learn about or build on the world's first autonomous network and decentralized internet? Then the SAFE Network: Stockholm Meetup is where you want to be.

MaidSafe has been building this network to provide Secure Access For Everyone. In May 2018, MaidSafe revealed PARSEC: the revolutionary, highly efficient and asynchronous mechanism that enables the SAFE Network to autonomously achieve consensus. The network will run on Safecoin, an ultra-fast, transaction free cryptocurrency with inbuilt true anonymity.

Our first Meetup will occur in 2019. Dates and location details to come. We'll cover an introduction to the SAFE Network, highlight some interesting projects that developers are already building, as well as provide an overview of how you can start developing on the SAFE Network too.

More information:

• SAFE Network Info ( https://safenetwork.tech/ )

• SAFE Network DevHub ( https://hub.safedev.org/ )

• SAFE Community Forum ( https://safenetforum.org/ )

• SAFE Developer Forum ( https://forum.safedev.org/ )

• MaidSafe Home ( https://maidsafe.net/ )

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