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Dance Lessons & Salsation® Dance Workout by Salsation® Elite Instructor(SEI) Melissa Chong a.k.a Mel C.

A full time Salsation® Elite Instructor and Dance Instructor of various genres including Line Dancing. My goal is to encourage people to engage in a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it, and what more better way then Dancing.

I have the ability to design my classes for any fitness level & dance experience. My goal is to encourage participants to engage in a healthy lifestyle habit & have fun while getting fit.

I provide classes for any fitness levels, no dance experience needed. I welcome all age & gender, Dance & Fitness are Fun for all. Classes also available for Kids, Teens, Senior Citizens & Corporate Staffs. I love encouraging parents to bring their kids along to classes. I enjoy hosting classes outdoors most especially by the lakes. I usually take my corporate classes participant to our beautiful lake sides to enjoy nature while getting fit as a community.

For any inquiry & to reserve your spots,

Contact : Melissa, +6014-726 1033 (WhatsApp only)

Mel's Accreditation:

Salsation® ID: 103927 (https://salsationfitness.com/user.php?id=103927)

CPR Certified (CERT Academy)

First Aid Certified (CERT Academy)

AED Certified (CERT Academy)

Fire Safety & Prevention Certified (JBPM)



Never danced before? Don’t worry! You don’t need any previous dance experience to enjoy a SALSATION® class.

No matter what fitness or dance level you’re at, SALSATION® is safe, FUN & effective!

Each 60-minute class is carefully crafted by our very own Malaysian licensed SALSATION® Elite Instructor Melissa Chong a.k.a Mel C, to improve overall strength & flexibility, increase the body’s range of motion & take your dance skills to the next level.

SALSATION® places a special emphasis on musicality, lyrical expression & functional training.


SALSATION® movements are carefully thought out & are based on functional training principles that encourage growth in these four areas:

- LOCOMOTION: The focused and controlled movements of SALSATION® assist in rebuilding tissue, correcting faulty movement patterns & minimizing the impact of injuries.

- LEVEL CHANGES: SALSATION® supports a healthy core by incorporating squats, lunges & lifts into our choreographies.

- PUSH & PULL: Dancing is not just fancy footwork; the arms get a great workout too! In any given song, you just might be performing a pull-down, an overhead press or a row.

- ROTATION: Choreographies often change directions strengthening rotational power & your core.


Why do we call it SALSATION®?

SALSATION® is a mix of the words SALSA (hot spicy sauce) & SENSATION.

- SALSA, as in the mix of different rhythms, cultures, dances & fitness protocols.

- SENSATION is the feeling you get from the program’s strong focus on musicality, lyrical expression & feel good effects from the functional training on your body.


MOVE with Mel C Classes:

A Dance Class that is suitable for all age range & gender. Suitable for even ultimate beginners with no dance experience. Classes are design to improve ones musicality & ability to dance.

Movements are thought in a progression that leads & sums up into a full choreography. From time to time, the body will improve in coordination, motor skills, balance & stretchability. It is a feel good class. I assure you that "Everyone Can Dance". At the end of every class. Every participant that doubt they can ever dance is proven that there is a dancer within them that needed a little nurture to be set free to express themselves.

via WhatsApp at +6014-726 1033

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DANCE FUNDAMENTALS. Move With Mel C via Zoom

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Bangsar - SALSATION® Dance Workout

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Bangsar - SALSATION® Dance Workout

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