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Prime Time Singles 40+ Who we are and What we are about

This group is for anyone in their 40’s, 50's + to meet and socialize while discovering all that San Antonio and the surrounding area has to offer. If you are up for adventure and fun, dining and dancing, and participating in festive or cultural activities -- this is YOUR group!.

It doesn't matter what your gender/ gender identification, race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation is, because we encourage and promote inclusion and diversity. We simply ask that our members follow a few simple guidelines which help to create a safe, respectful, kind and fun atmosphere/environment for all members.

Please refrain from discussing controversial subjects such as politics and religion, as these are areas which have a wide array of opinions and feelings, and which many people have very differing perspectives, deep beliefs and views. We all have a right to our own opinions, but the purpose of this group is to be fun and not create stress or bullying for other members. Should a conversation begin that has the potential to get heated, those involved will be asked to change the subject immediately. Repeated offenses may cause a member to be removed from the group. Bullying members for any reason will not be tolerated.

The primary function of Prime Time Singles 40+ is as a social group, not a dating group. Although dating between members occasionally occurs, we ask that the dating relationship not become disruptive to the group or unpleasant for other members in the group. If this occurs, the offending parties may be asked to take a time out from this “singles” group. Additionally, other members of this group may not respond favorably to any dating requests, so please do not expect any advances to receive favorable responses. This is not a group to “look for” a dating partner.

We encourage members to responsibly manage their consumption of alcohol. We understand that things happen, and occasionally one may over consume unintentionally. If this occurs the individual(s) who are intoxicated will be asked to surrender their car keys and call for alternate transportation via Uber or Taxi at their own expense and are expected to leave immediately upon being notified. Drunken behavior is not tolerated and will result in removal from the group if it is repeated.

Regarding RSVPs and No Shows, please use common courtesy and cancel your RSVP if you do not plan to attend. We prefer cancellations 24 hours prior to the event, but realize this cannot always happen. Please be considerate if there is a “Wait List” and make the commitment to attend if you say you are attending. Last minute cancellations do not allow wait listed members adequate time to attend. Please be considerate of the other members in the group. There are events of all sizes with this group. Sometimes we must stick to the designated number that is given, and other times, we can expand, because the restaurant will allow it. If you are wait listed and really want to attend, please contact the Event Host and ask if you can be accommodated.

Finally, this is a “Dutch Treat” type of group. Please be prepared to pay your bill and please remember to pay your bill. Any member who departs without paying for items they ordered will be removed from this group if they do not rectify the situation immediately with the individual who covered their expenses.

Thank you for making Prime Time Singles 40+ a fun, safe, and great environment for everyone!

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