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Dear fellow homo sapians, we are living through an era unprecedented in the history of our home planet. The rapid technical advances and extravagant lifestyles have occurred at the exorbitant price of the 6th Mass Extinction. > 200 species are going extinct every single day and our own extinction is within sight. If we do not do anything about it, not a single sapians will last beyond the natural lifespans of you and me. Should you have doubt about the validity of these projections, please do the homework yourself. Information is out there. In short, the published scientific literature has concluded that human extinction occurs at 1.5C above 1750 baseline, and we are already at 1.8C above that baseline.

While most people who are aware of our dire situation take a pessimistic view, I propose to you that we still have one engineering solution that will give us a fighting chance. The engineering proposal is name Ground-Deployed Mirrors for Earth Energy Rebalancing (GrounDMEER). It is an albedo-modifying approach that relies on the most abundant and cheap materials for implementation. The project targets multiple problems we face simultaneously, including planetary overheating, desertification, refugee crises, and slow implementation of renewable energy. Details of the idea and feasibility calculations will be shared in the first meetup events.

What I need from you, apart from your various technical expertise and social/political connections, are curiosity, bravery, perseverance, and a willingness to give it your all. We are talking about saving the 'living' planet!

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