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Group photo shoot for photographers! Beetlejuice Inspired Low-key light setups
We have not opened spots on meetup. The spots can be signed up on our calendar website. To secure your spot, you must sign up on our website calendar. We have designed this shoot to focus on low-key lighting set ups, creating shadows. This is a free event to local photographers. There is a limit of 12 photographers per session. When signing up, you will choose whether to start at 6pm or 8pm. FAQs - more details on the sign up link located on the Studio's calendar GENERAL QUESTIONS ***Where do I sign up?*** Photographer spots must be signed up on the studio calendar at ***Where is the location of the shoot?*** SA Studios is located at 4220 Centergate, San Antonio, TX 78217 ***How does this group shoot work?*** There will be time to shoot at each set and then rotate to the next set. Rotation will continue until 7:30pm for the first session and until 9:30 for the 2nd session. Photographers should arrive about 15 minutes early to get ready to shoot. ***Why are there 2 sessions?*** We want to create an opportunity for as many photographers to participate in our themed shoots. However, we must limit the number of participants to make an easier flow of rotation. The goal is to allow each photographer to shoot each set twice. ***What is included?*** Model participants, wardrobe, scene set ups, and lighting equipment. All you need to do is bring your camera. The cost of everything has been covered. Models will be dressed with Beetlejuice ™ character styles and makeup. ***Set-ups*** We have planned 4 different character themed set ups. The focus for this theme is low-key, low light, and creating shadows. ***Are children allowed to participate?*** While we may occasionally have child models, children under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate as photographers. We want to keep this event rated G because we have planned for a child to dress up as a character. ***Is tagging/crediting required?*** Whenever possible, it is strongly encourage to give credit where credit is due. Please tag the studio, photographer, makeup artist, and model participant in each photo that you post. This could help boost future collaborations for each individual. ***Cost*** There is no cost for this event. ***Why are you not charging?*** Well, we haven’t had a project night in some time and felt it was time to have one again! This particular event is a social gathering to get photographers to come together to shoot and see the studio. ***Who owns the photos from this event?*** Photographers are the copyright owner of any photo(s) that they take using their own camera. It is the photographer's decision to choose the resolution when resizing photos that will be shared online. Each model has been notified that he/she can only share the photos he/she appears in. PHOTOGRAPHER RELATED QUESTIONS ***How many photos can I take?*** Each photographer will shoot each model for an equal amount of time. There is no limit to the number of photos you take during your interaction with each model participant. ***Can I bring equipment?*** To keep the flow of shooting, outside equipment, including tripods and light meters, are not allowed. ***Will my camera work with your trigger/transmitter?*** Our triggers are designed for single pin hot shoes. Most Canon and Nikon cameras are equipped with a single pin hot shoe. Some older Sony's require a 4 pin to single pin adapter, which we have one available. ***Is it required to give anyone photos?*** It is up to the photographer to share photos at his/her discretion. It is not required to give anyone photos. It is encouraged to share web size images with a small watermark for sharing online to boost the photographer, the model participant and HMUA. Photographers who violate the terms as specified on the model release, he/she will not be allowed to participate in our events in the future.

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