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SB TechEx hosted by Simply Business

What is SB TechEx?

SB TechEx is a group for anyone interested in technology and innovation. It’s a place for security professionals, developers, data experts and UX designers (and everyone in between) to discuss how technology is reshaping traditional industries, like insurance.

Join us for our regular Meetups where you can stay up to date with new technologies, network with other experts and discuss both technical and non-technical issues in an open and inclusive forum.

The group is hosted by Simply Business, an online business insurance broker that’s been pioneering technological change in the sector for more than a decade. Check out our Tech Blog to keep updated with all things technology at Simply Business.

What happens at SB TechEx?

The SB TechEx community is for the innovators and forward-thinkers, those interested in how industries are adapting rapidly to new technologies.

At our Meetups you’ll hear from the experts, including Simply Business’s Chief Technology Officer and our team leaders. There’ll be presentations from developers, engineers, data and product specialists, and testers. They’ll talk about the technology platforms, projects and challenges that our teams face.

We hold our Meetups at Simply Business’s headquarters at 99 Gresham Street in Bank, London. You can join us in our spacious auditorium, which has capacity for 150 people – get a video tour of our offices here:


Who can join?

The group is open to those with an interest in technology who live and (or) work in London, or who are planning on relocating to London. You don’t have to come to every event – just pick the ones you like the look of.

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