Next Meetup

SC Drupal Users Group Meetup
This month Aaron will be talking about Models of integration with Drupal. We all love Drupal and to put it at the center of our projects, but is that always where it belongs? Often we need to combine Drupal with other tools to build a truly great solution, and those integrations can get complicated. Picking between competing features, understanding how multiple APIs will interact, while keeping costs reasonable can be intimidating even for experienced developers. Leveraging our experience integrating Drupal with many other tools and APIs, we'll talk about steps for figuring out when Drupal belongs at the center of your project, or if it should be at the edge. We will share strategies for picking tools the go well together and helping plan a project that can help take your organization to the next level. Thanks to Tai from Cyberwoven for hosting us at their office in Columbia. We will also try to support virtual attendees this month as well (details will be sent closer to the meeting).

Cyberwoven Office

1634 Main St · Columbia, sc