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The One Where Daniel saw Baby Ducks Last Time

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N Windsor Ave & Ventura St

N Windsor Ave & Ventura St · Altadena, CA

How to find us

Meet by the trailhead at the north end of the intersection. You can park either in the small parking lot on the left, or look for parking on nearby streets. The big parking lot nearby is not available.

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This is a nice afternoon Newcomers' hike through a usually verdant canyon, which may be less sylvan in this epic drought.

Join us for an Elmer Fudd-like hunt for water and more ducks on a 4 mile round trip, 300 ft elevation gain newcomer’s hike to the Arroyo Seco north of Pasadena. This area is a quick way to leave the city behind, with plenty of shade. We will take a couple of hours to travel north to Gould Mesa Campground and back, taking in the greenery of the Arroyo along the way.

What to bring: sturdy shoes, 2 liters of water, lunch, a snack to share and hat/sunglasses/sunscreen.

One note: while we should be able to stay dry, there was a stream before on this hike, so there is the possibility you may get your feet/shoes wet if there still is any water at stream crossings.

Sorry but no Dogs

Toilets are not located at the trailhead, but there is a Jack in the Box just as you exit the 210 freeway, and there's a pit toilet at Gould Mesa Campground (byo fly-swatter).

Cancellation Policy:

Fire/Rain Cancels

Other Thoughts: If anyone wants to dress up like Elmer Fudd, more power to you. We wholeheartedly encourage such dress up (as long as you are able to comfortably walk 4 miles); we could use a good laugh.

No Yosemite Sam types please. We can't stand people with long mustaches, or a willingness to fire pistols into the air (some parts of the canyon can amplify the sound).

If you want to release baby ducks, be careful around the Elmer Fudd wanna-bes in the group. They think baby duck meat tastes the best. The leaders actually enjoy duck, but we're talking about full grown Peking Duck, nice and crisp skin with juicy tender meat on the inside. If we just offended any vegans/ vegetarians, we're sorry, and we promise to save our Duck Dynasty type party until after the hike. There will be no Duck Dynasty type activity during the hike! By the way, is that show still on? How many episodes can you make? Even the Simpsons lost variety after a few years.

We wonder if anyone read past the first line. Do the people who sign up truly understand what they are getting into? Do they know that ducks cannot be guaranteed? (they cannot be tamed and roam free, which is why we think they should have been considered as a symbol of our country; ducks are loud, colorful creatures, just like typical Americans).

We're getting tired of typing, so the usual cannibalism/ lost party-leaders staying alive agreements apply. Also the usual agreements about human sacrifice and leaders taking possession of first born. Liability waiver to be filled out at trailhead for all Sierra Club hikes. No tipping leaders even if you think they're cute. Did we say Newcomers are welcome?