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What we’re about

Due to the Coronavirus, we are unable to meet, but we have something for you to keep you very busy for some time practicing.  Now that you are a member, you suddenly have entire libraries of photos, and a special limk to exclusive videos on the subject of Remote Viewing, including an entire video course covering Controlled Remote Viewing and Extended Remote Viewing.  Use this link to access the G-Drive account we have set up for downloads, and you'll be on your way:

Once there, feel free to download two folders worth of material.  You will open to the Video lessons folder, which contains "ERV-CRV Stages......." mp4 files.  These are our exclusive club produced lessons.  Take your time on them, and start with the introduction video.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the club email function. 

All of our club privileges are free, for the past 12 years.  Have fun, and when we are back into live classes, we will notify you.


Mike Rogalski

Co-rganizer, SCARVS Remote Viewing Club

(661) 305-8094