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What we’re about

We are a sub group of SCORCH (Southern California Off Road Club and Hangouts) that helps plan, scout, and pre-runs the official SCORCH events.. Membership in this group is by invitation only.

Each SCORCH meetup typically entails 1 or 2 visits to the area to map out the routes in the month or two prior to the main meetup. SCORCH scouting runs are usually limited to a few rigs only. These are often Sat/Sun runs with a night of camping in between, but are occasionally single day scouting events.

We look to cover a lot of ground but also leave time to play. We also use our scouting runs to shoot and gather content to support our upcoming YouTube channel launching in 2022.

If this sounds like you then talk to an organizer at a SCORCH event about becoming a SCORCH SCOUT. Unsolicited invitations to join will not be accepted.