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Scream Queens - LGBTQ Group for Cult & LGBTQ films in London. Especially for fans of old, new and cult, horror & LGBTQ films. Also a place to meet for a drink or meal before or after the film. Straight allies welcome.

NO-NO'S AND GUIDELINES: (1) If you RSVPd and need to cancel please let us know by using the "Not Going" attendance option (2) Respect others, No discrimination & No bullying (4) No spam or sex sellers

NO-SHOW POLICY: Some of are events involve table bookings or reservations at establishments with strict booking policies. This can affect future reservations and the group's reputation. For this reason we have now established a strict (yet flexible) No-Show Policy. Members will have a limit of 2 "No-Show Flags" before not being able to attend future meetups. To avoid being Flagged please inform us prior to the meetup if can't or won't be attending. You can do this by moving your RSVP option from "Going" to "Not Going". You can also erase a flag status as long as it doesn't reach 2 times when you show up to the next event and informing the host.

PREVIOUSLY FLAGGED MEMBERS: If you have been previously flagged as "Not Showed" at previous meetup(s) please be aware that unfortunately you may be removed from the RSVP lists in favour for others members to go. This will only happen if a table has been reserved and if there are strict restaurant bar policies. You will still be able to join the meet-up on a Non-RSVP basis just compromising on what we can do on the day. Your Flagged status is normally removed once you showed up to any next event and informing the host.

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Prince Charles Cinema

PLEASE READ OUR RSVP-NO SHOW & MEETUP RULES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE BEFORE YOU SIGNUP TO THIS MEETUP/EVENT. Also Note: RSVP Rules may vary slightly depending on the host (Advanced purchase recommended if tickets are available). ABOUT THIS FLICK See Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn as you've never seen them before, enlivening this special-effects laden, extremely dark comedy from Robert Zemeckis. Superbitch actress Streep and ex-heavyweight novelist Hawn are the present and former loves of plastic surgeon-turned-mortician Bruce Willis, whose talents can't compete with those of eccentric witch Isabella Rossellini and her devilish gift of eternal youth. Zemeckis's under-rehearsed direction is at odds with a savagely delicious script and inspired casting: both leading ladies are superbly acerbic as they try to outwit and outbitch each other, while Willis is a pleasant surprise as the put-upon hubby in this quirky but enjoyable oddity. Two romantic rivals are both granted the secret of eternal youth by a mysterious mystic. However, as they battle to get their claws into a plastic surgeon, they discover their now-immortal bodies are capable of taking whatever damage they can dish out. Black comedy fantasy, starring Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis and Isabella Rossellini. TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jPuZLUY4II SEAT LOCATIONS https://princecharlescinema.com/PrinceCharlesCinema.dll/Booking?Booking=TSelectItems.waSelectItemsPrompt.TcsWebMenuItem_0.TcsWebTab_0.TcsPerformance_17255149.TcsSection_1559 I am in seat B2 MEETUP DETAILS Since there a few who may be coming form work we will meet first for the Movie at the Classic Prince Charles Cinema. Our meeting point will be at the main PCC foyer at 5.45PM where we will begin queuing for the film showing on screen 2 (Second Floor). Keep in mind that at this point you should already have your ticket. After the film finishes at 8PM, we will take a short walk towards "The Imperial". SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN 5:45PM Meet & Greet 6:00PM Movie: Death Becomes Her 7:50PM Drinks: The Imperial TICKETS PRICES £0 - Meetup-Fee £10 - Adult Ticket £7:50- PCC Member Ticket Ticket Purchase: https://princecharlescinema.com/PrinceCharlesCinema.dll/Booking?Booking=TSelectItems.waSelectItemsPrompt.TcsWebMenuItem_0.TcsWebTab_0.TcsPerformance_17255149.TcsSection_1559 ADDRESSES AND DETAILS - Prince Charles Cinema: 7 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BY MEET-UP RULES Our Main aim is for you to have fun, be yourself, meet like minded people and make new friends. All we ask as cinema purists is to keep quiet during film times and to respect everyone’s opinion, differences and point of views during meet-ups and in our social media digital platforms if you signup.


Online event

THE MEET-UP The plan is we will watch this new horror together online which is available on Amazon Prime. We can chat while watching the film on a specially set up Whatsapp group or follow along in the comments below too. The whatsapp chat link will be given nearer to the time. WHERE TO WATCH THE FILM The film is available for free if you are belong to Amazon Prime. PREMISE Surprisingly few horror films are based around our favorite holiday of All Hallow’s Eve (though that seems to be changing lately, with the Halloween sequels, Terrifier , and Tales of Halloween ), so when I heard Haunt was based on a Halloween theme, I knew I had to review it. I love when a new movie surprises me with how good it is, and Haunt was one of them. Bestowing honor onto our most sacred day, the opening scene pays homage to John Carpenter’s Halloween with its classic jack-o-lantern display and its text displaying the city. (In Illinois, of course!) We even see an old horror film in the background as Night of the Living Dead plays. (We will later get some homages to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre .) Shy and reluctant Harper, who is dealing with a boyfriend who is exhibiting some abhorrent behavior that she’s all too familiar with, decides to throw caution to the wind and spend Halloween night out with her friends. A flyer on their car for an “extreme haunted house” promises to exploit all of their darkest fears, and seeking a thrilling end to their evening, they decide to check it out. The first sign that something was amiss at this place was that there was no line! Any good haunted house draws a crowd, and one off the beaten path in the middle of the woods with no other patrons in sight gave it an instantly ominous vibe. (Seriously, if this happens to you, maybe just turn around.) A clown outside awaits them and tensions run high before they even go inside, setting the tone for what’s to come. Once they make it in, the house begins with some kitschy, lame scares - bringing their guard down and encouraging them to go further. But once around the corner, they catch a glimpse into what exactly happened to the other haunted house-goers. But what is real, and what’s just part of the show? The house is actually part haunted house, part puzzle; a demented escape room. There are several false-starts where you think something might happen but then doesn’t, which perhaps is to get the viewer to let their guard down, too. Haunt bares general similarities to 31 and Saw , but it’s disturbing in a more manageable way, maintaining its watchability. It allows us some classic Eli Roth gore without going too far to scare off the occasional horror movie fan. (He also threw in a “weird is good” line, the mantra of CryptTV, of which Roth is invested.) We don’t get much character development except for with Harper, whose story arc I rather enjoyed. I loved the comic relief Andrew Caldwell provided, and he was perfectly cast. The acting from everyone was good and believable, which really sets this one apart from other horror films. Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, both of whom worked on A Quiet Place , co-wrote and co-directed - and they threw in a small tribute to one of the more uncomfortable scenes in A Quiet Place. Without spoiling too much, you can expect to feel real tension, witness insanely creepy moments, and confront classic haunted house fear exploration - all without it relying much on jump scares. TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXRGvxdHvZA SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN 08.15 - Refill your drink and join the whatsapp group 08.30 - Film


THE MEET-UP The plan is we will watch this horror film to lead us into Halloween! The film is on BBC Iplayer We can chat while watching the film on a specially set up Whatsapp group or follow along in the comments below too. The whatsapp chat link will be given nearer to the time. WHERE TO WATCH THE FILM The film is available for free on BBC Iplayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000h3g7 If you don't have access to BBC Iplayer then you can buy from Amazon Prime. PREMISE Ghost Stories sets out its stall early, and what a bizarre stall it is. At its start, a supposed psychic is on stage acting as a vessel for a dead, leukaemia-stricken child to speak through him: “My blood hurts, Mummy,” the conman wails as the grieving mother breaks down. A couple of minutes later, a few decades earlier, a possessed old woman spits some bile. “She fingered herself last night, thinking about John Travolta,” she says of her adult daughter, demonically. “Daddy sees everything.” This all makes sense when you know who’s involved. Ghost Stories, adapted from their hit play, is an unholy mind meld of two 51-year-old Englishmen who met at 15 and immediately bonded over their shared love of horror films: Hammer, The Wicker Man, Witchfinder General, as well as scary shaggy dog tales on the BBC and ITV, and John Landis’ just released An American Werewolf In London. Jeremy Dyson went on to co-found and co-write The League Of Gentlemen, while Andy Nyman directed and co-wrote many of Derren Brown’s TV and stage shows. Ghost Stories is unashamedly in thrall to all of this, presenting an anthology about three mentally scarred men (Paul Whitehouse, Alex Lawther and Martin Freeman), tied together by Nyman’s Philip Goodman, a cynical non-believer who hosts the television programme ‘Psychic Cheats’. The play had audiences screaming and jumping, and the film wants to do the same. It’s a difficult challenge, trying to repeat the effects of a living, breathing interactive experience in cinemas screening a locked product. Spooky and unsettling rather than outright scary, it’s still a funhouse of sorts, prodding nerves from the off with an unhealthy sound mix. There is some very creepy camerawork, and the whole thing feels removed from reality, off kilter and unhappy, filmed in an England with the life sucked out of it. There is a smallness to these yarns, and, as it is an anthology, it allows only so much emotional investment. You always know some awful thing’s about to strike. But that’s all part of the fun, as Ghost Stories indulges in tropes, plays with them, sometimes taking the piss out of them: “Fuck that!” yells one character as a beast seductively welcomes him. It’s at its most effective, though, when it plays it straight. Scares aside, Ghost Stories takes in religion, spirituality and psychological torment, sometimes sadistically. It would be surprising to hear that Nyman and Dyson believed in the supernatural themselves, but they certainly love the idea of it, and this film is an ode to not only horror as a genre, but to real human horror, trauma, and the ruinous damage wreaked by us all. What we’re left with is sadness. Not quite a terrifying thrill-ride, Ghost Stories is a creepy, disturbing ghost train with a beefier backbone than its source material, trading on tropes but still making your skin itch. TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvng3piq-pU SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN 10.00 - Refill your drink and join the whatsapp group 10.15 - Film


THE MEET-UP The plan is we will watch this remake together online which is available on Amazon Prime. We can chat while watching the film on a specially set up Whatsapp group or follow along in the comments below too. The whatsapp chat link will be given nearer to the time. WHERE TO WATCH THE FILM The film is available for free if you are belong to Amazon Prime. PREMISE Sean Bean turns on his best psycho smile for The Hitcher, a trashy remake of the 1986 horror. On a road trip, an attractive student couple are cajoled into giving a stranger, John Ryder, a lift. Naturally, he turns out to be a psychopathic killer. Just when they think they've shaken him off, he starts setting them up to take the fall for his hideous crimes. They're forced to go on the run in this pacy, preposterous B-movie. If you're going to make a schlocky slasher flick, you may as well go the whole hog - or so the makers of The Hitcher seem to have decided. Why have a gorgeous girl being pursued by a bloodthirsty killer without dressing her in a short skirt and tight top? Why indeed have a steely-eye killer if you're not going to cast Sean Bean? And if you're going to show someone dying horribly, why not string it out as long and as gruesomely as possible? There's nothing subtle about The Hitcher, but its boundless enthusiasm for genre staples entertains in a silly sort of way. The pace is lively, the threat constant and the cunning of its villain quite masterful (he even manages to dispense with whole police units, single handed and out of sight). But Ryder's character is never explored, and the whole exercise is even more superficial than the original. A guilty pleasure - but only if you like your action outlandish, your continuity challenged and your guts and gore splattered all over the screen. TRAILER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqvS6zD6XQY SCHEDULE BREAKDOWN 08.15 - Refill your drink and join the whatsapp group 08.30 - Film

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