What we're about

This is a group for anyone interested in writing sci-fi/fantasy/horror genre fiction. We will get together to workshop and critique work from group members. We will hold each other accountable to meet our writing goals and improve our writing as well.

Our goal is to have 2 meetups per month with a weekend time and one during the week. During the meetups we will read and critique 2-3 works. Each scribe presenting, will read their 10-12 page double spaced scene or story out outloud as fellow scribes follow along making notes on their copy. Afterwards, we will discuss the critiques with the author. The discussions should be 15-20 minutes.

Each presenter is asked to bring at least 10 copies for fellow scribes the meetup before they would like to present. But still bring a few extra copies the day of for anyone who wasn't there the prior meeting. We will still read out loud before critiquing.

During the critiques, please do not have a side conversation as we are trying to be respectful to fellow scribes that are critiquing. Also it is your turn to critique please start with something positive that you enjoyed about the story and then go into the things that can be improved. I will be moderating and telling people when it is their turn to give their critique and making sure we stay on track so that hopefully we can get 3 stories in oper workshop this way.

Explicit words are okay, but when reading please bleep or change to a family friendly version as we will be in public spaces for our meetups. Also please do not bring explicit sex scenes to be workshopped.

Thanks for joining and we look forward to reading your work! Happy writing!

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Saturday in February 2021


After our hiatus, looking forward to seeing everyone. Hope your writing has been going well.

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Saturday in May

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