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RPG Training Monday Sessions 6-9 pm
Non-RPG Research staff welcome as players. You don't have to be a trainee to participate as a player during these sessions. Want to try some other games? Come join as a player! We have weekly RPG training sessions for RPG Research Game Masters. This means various game systems, and various GM levels of experience. We have a few seats open for people wanting to join us as players. This will be a fun way for you experience a variety of game systems, settings, and Game Masters. Example recent games : * Doctor Who * Gum Shoe * No Thank You Evil * Adventures in Middle-earth * The One Ring RPG * Hobbit Tales * Cryptomancer * Kids on Bikes Each session will have different game masters. Some have decades of experience and are just learning a new system/setting, others are new to GMing. Open to youth and adults. Game systems vary every session, though we have a few core ones we try to get everyone trained on. Sometimes we cover two games in a single session, other times just one. These are generally one-shots and not ongoing campaigns, though that will vary based on the needs of our GM trainees. Here are some other game sessions systems/settings run in previous months and/or scheduled soon: * Mutant Zero * Dungeons & dragons 5th Edition * Star Wars * Top Secret New World Order * Doctor Who * Trail of Cthulhu (Gumshoe system eval) * Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition If you already know where Hawke's house is, then great! If you do not, please send a private message and we will provide you with the address and directions. Happy Gaming! Contact Information: Email: info at rpgresearch dot com Website: Twitter: rpgresearch Toll-free phone: (833) RPG-INFO x709 (John Welker)

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Welcome to Spokane/CdA Role-Playing Gamers Meetup

This Spokane-Coeur d'Alene group is dedicated to all role-playing systems, genres, and settings games. Whether you love tabletop, live-action (LARP), or even cooperative computer-based role-playing games, this is the group for you!

If you love the camaraderie of cooperative problem solving, complex role-playing, or more simply the sound of dice rolling, the smell of leather armor, the bash of boffers, or prefer questing for adventure, the cheers of victory, and the lamentations of your opponents as you drive them before you - then this is the group for you. Serving the greater Inland Empire area surrounding Spokane, Post Falls, and CdA areas.

We enjoy not just the planning, plotting, and strategy associated with the hobby but also the fellowship, the in-person interaction, and camaraderie of playing together.

If this describes your idea of fun then you've come to the right place.

Anyone can suggest meetup for this group, and have it announced without the approval of the organizers, so feel free to throw up any time and location you'd like.

Check out our calendar and RSVP for our next adventure!

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