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Tomb of Horrors - Merlyn's Late-night Friday D&D Gaming Group

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Sessions resumed February 27th, 2015.

March's sessions: 14th & 28th.

April session: 25th.

A few seats are available to join, please RSVP to do so.

Group began originally starting the year (2014) with the republished wooden-boxed "Original Dungeons & Dragons" (OD&D) with the prequel for the A1-A4 Slavelords campaign, then the basic rules of D&D Next / D&D 5th Edition.

We are now currently running full 5th Edition D&D without Hawke's House Rules running through the 1st Edition AD&D Tomb of Horrors original S1 module.

DM is Hawke Robinson (Relevant Bio here: )

At Merlyn's in downtown Spokane. (Merlyn's Information here: )

Every other Friday from 10:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Here is the adventure log/forum for this group:

New players are welcome to join, though since the party is now deep in the bowels of the Tomb, you will have to use one of the "Extra" Player Characters (PCs) currently in the adventure (we have players running 2-3 characters so that there are extras when other players join).

For those asking, the party currently consists of (all 12th level, Name, Race, Class, Background):

Crusher II - Half-orc Barbarian Outlander

Ilianu Nailu - Drow, Sorceress, Noble, played by Drake.

Lupo the Tiefling, Warlock, Outlander.

Diaval the High Elf, Wizard, Sage.

Drogan Stonecleaver - Mountain Dwarf, Fighter, Wanderer, played by Dev.

Williard - Human, Paladin, Entertainer.

Kirtar - Wood, Elf, Druid, Outlander, played by Scott.

Turic - Human, Cleric, Criminal, played by Steve.

Milo - Stout Halfling Rogue Guild Artisan played by Jeremy.

The following characters have died so far:

Wednesday the Wood Elf Ranger played previously by Scott.

The party's current situation is ...

Updates can be found at the adventure forum:

I have several 5th edition player's handbooks available at the game, but if you are new to 5th edition, you can download a free PDF (legally) of the 5th Edition BASIC rules (pretty good starting point) here:

You can view my video reviews of the pros and cons of 5th Edition D&D here:

NOTE: This group is open to everyone. While many of my other groups I am asking that you only participate in one of my groups and not the others, to help increase the variety of players. This Merlyn's group has no such restrictions, so everyone is welcome to join!

Happy Gaming!