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RPG Training / Audition Thursday Sessions 6-9 pm

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Every 2 weeks on Thursday

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We have weekly RPG training sessions for RPG Research Game Masters. This means various game systems, and various GM levels of experience. We have a few seats open for people wanting to join us as players. This will be a fun way for you experience a variety of game systems, settings, and Game Masters.

Each session will have different game masters. Some have decades of experience and are just learning a new system/setting, others are new to GMing.

Open to youth (as young as 5 with parent-guardian) and adults.

Game systems vary every session, though we have a few core ones we try to get everyone trained on. Sometimes we cover two games in a single session, other times just one. These are generally one-shots and not ongoing campaigns, though that will vary based on the needs of our GM trainees.

Here are some example game sessions systems/settings run in recent months and scheduled soon:
* Mutant Zero
* Dungeons & dragons 5th Edition
* Star Wars
* Top Secret New World Order
* The One Ring RPG
* Doctor Who
* Adventures in Middle-earth
* No Thank You Evil
* Trail of Cthulhu (Gumshoe system eval)
* Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition

If you already know where Hawke's house is, then great! If you do not, please send a private message and we will provide you with the address and directions.

Happy Gaming!

Contact Information:
Email: info at rpgresearch dot com
Twitter: rpgresearch
Toll-free phone: (833) RPG-INFO x709 (John Welker)