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We are transitioning into a new reality where our businesses depend on recurring revenue. Our customers have multiple competitors to choose from, low switching costs and social media to amplify their experiences with our brands. If we want to survive (and thrive) in this new reality, we must have a discipline around ensuring our customers achieve their goals with our products and services, frictionlessly. This discipline is Customer Success.

The goal for our Meetup is to regularly bring together San Diego’s Customer Success professionals to share best practices, feature speakers and discuss trends surrounding the discipline of Customer Success. It will be a Collaborative Learning group to explore this new discipline. Customer Success departments and practices are being implemented in technology hubs around the world by forward-thinking companies. The purpose of this group is to share best practices and trends in the CS space. Each Meetup will dive deeper into CS and the power it has to reduce churn, increase revenue and increase product adoption.

Events will feature speakers intimately familiar with CS. The speakers will focus on real-world examples including systems, tools, metrics, culture and/or customer interactions that have led to a successful Customer Success department and company. Compare notes from our speakers as we learn how the day-to-day execution of the CS fundamentals makes lifelong, valuable customers.

Join our next event and ensure you’re on the forefront of Customer Success in San Diego!

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SD CS Meetup: Fireside Chat Holiday Roundup

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SD Customer Success: How to Navigate in the New Reality

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SD CS: Setting-Up a Customer Success Practice

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San Diego Customer Success: The Basics [Feb '18]

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