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This group is for entrepreneurs who are using WordPress as a platform for their start-up. If you have a start-up powered by a customized WordPress build, or an interest in developing one, and a passion for WordPress development (including PHP/MySQL, JavaScript etc.), this group is for you!

Ideally, meetups will involve discussing current projects of group members, brainstorming and feedback, and helping each other identify strategies, avoid pitfalls, and share expertise in developing successful WordPress-backed businesses.

Note - if your projects simply involve using WordPress as a publishing platform (e.g. blogs), you will likely find other meetups with a focus better suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you are monetizing a customized WordPress CMS through ads, sponsorship, subscription, etc., you'll likely benefit from this group.

If you are a coder or successful entrepreneur looking for new projects and ideas, this meetup is perfect for you!

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