Past Meetup

Cherimoya and Tangerine Farm Visit


It's Cherimoya Season! Come taste the wonderful and unique flavor of cherimoyas as well as tangerines. Absolutely fresh, absolutely tasty, absolutely wonderful. Primavera Orchards is a pesticide free farm in Vista; we've been here before most recently in November during persimmon season. Visiting Nino's farm is a great experience in itself, plus you get to take some fruit home at great prices. Never tasted a cherimoya? This visit is for you; come find out what you're missing. Maximum of 15 people, so sign up early!

Satsuma Tangerines $1.00/lb Small Cherimoyas (less than 1lb/each) $2.50/Lb Large Cherimoyas (more than 1lb ea.) $4.50/Lb.

Read about cherimoyas and Primavera Orchards here: