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Speaker's Open Mic Feb 19
Stegela, 895 Park Blvd San Diego CA 92101 (Entrance is ON F Street between 13th & Park Blvd. - we're meeting in the conference room on the 2nd floor) Thank you to our sponsor, Stegela Success Mastery, for providing the venue and food. Yay!! • What we'll do What is a Speaker's Open Mic? If you've heard of a musician's open mic or a comedian's open mic, then you get the idea. If not, here's how it all goes down. You show up and have a great time networking with peeps. sign up to speak in front of the audience. Okay. That may sound scary for you, but don't worry. I got you. I've helped more than 250 people speak on stage and do videos, so you're in the right place. I am not going to MAKE you speak, but will encourage you to do so (in a non-threatening way). Head on over to my Facebook business page to read some of the testimonials of people I have helped through this kind of thing: You will meet amazing people, hear amazing stories, and gain lasting friendships. • What to bring Bring your good and supportive attitude. This is a supportive and non-judgmental environment. My mission is to make you feel comfortable enough to want to get up and speak. No pressure, though. • Important to know Since speaking is one of the top fears for most people, please come ready to support each other. I've done this event a few times and it always has amazing results. You're not gonna want to miss it. Invite your friends. The more the merrier (especially if they are supportive). Lynda M West Living Live

Stegela Success Mastery

895 Park Blvd Entrance is on cross street F & 13th - we're meeting in the conference room · San Diego, ca

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    This is a group for anyone who is interested in helping others. If you work for, volunteer for, want to help, want to volunteer for, or founded, a local charity, then this meetup is for you. I started this meetup because I founded a charity in August 2012 and didn't have a clue what I was doing. I decided to start a group that could collaborate with other people to help each other grow in their mission. I have always been someone who helps others and will continue to do so, but it is nice to have a group of caring and giving people to talk to and mastermind with on ideas.

    In January 2015 I started a Nonprofit Speaker Series. The purpose of the Nonprofit Speaker Series is to help nonprofits grow and become sustainable. We meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month in Mission Valley. Our intention is to bring in experts from various fields who are currently working and who share information on how to grow and become sustainable. Since a nonprofit is a business, a lot of the material will be relatable to businesses as well.

    I hope to see you at one of our many meetups.

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