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Kiss in a Minute FREE Tele-Call with Michael McClure

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Learn how to get a kiss in a minute and SEX IN 10 MINUTES (without paying for it)

Women like confident, spontaneous men. What if you were spontaneous and confident enough to negotiate a kiss with a stranger in under 1 minute? What if she liked it and was willing to go to a private place, make-out and feel safe enough with you to have it turn into sex? Right then.

If you know how to read the signs you can make it happen just that fast. In this breakthrough class, I will give you the strategy and the words to make the right woman kiss you then and there. If you kiss her well enough and you say the words that make her feel safe, she might just go outside with you and turn your meeting into a story that will spread more than just your mystique!

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Hello, I’m Michael McClure. I’m best known as the star of Showtime’s hit series Polyamory: Married and Dating, I’ve appeared on the Dr. Drew, Ricki Lake and Tyra Banks Shows, and the film Sex Magic and other international television productions.

I’m newsworthy because I’ve shared love with thousands of women while being happily married for 11 years and all my lovers know about each other.

You will learn why speed is the key to my method for having More Sex with Satisfying Women and being totally ethical about it.

If you have been struggling with cheating, porn, or paying for sex and you’re still not getting all the sex you want with the right women. You need to be on this free call.

The call is happening this Friday and won’t be offered again, so sign up now to reserve your place, and I’ll talk with you live on Friday.


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