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This is a very unique meetup group because it is structured as a club and allows you, the club member, to suggest and organize free customized sailing events for you and a guest. Membership only costs $10 per year and all memberships will expire on December 31st and if you want to retain your membership for the following year, you will be sent a message to send $10 via Paypal to "funds-jack@usa.net" using the friends and family option or you can join in person on any sail, if you wish

The benefit of this meetup group is that you have the ability to request sailing events for you and your guest. The sail format, destination and duration of your request to sail is only limited by your imagination and my availability. In addition, when you request an event and it is accepted, you and your guest are automatically included on the sail. In that way, you can plan your own sailing events with a friend, family or loved one without having to fight over a spot on the sail. After that, I will open up the sail to other group members to fill the boat and they will be able to join us on the sail. However, they are only allowed to bring themselves and not a guest. The guest privileges only apply if you initiate and request a sail. Read on for instructions on how to request a sail.

Food and drinks are provided by the members on a potluck basis. There will be a large cooler on the boat, filled with ice, so you can keep your goodies cold.


Send me a meetup message, text message or an email with the following information. It is very important that your request is formatted into numbered bullet items so I don't have to think about the details and can just copy and paste the 5 items into the meetup form. It really reduces my workload tremendously and I really appreciate it. The 5 items are as follows:

1. The name of the event (e.g. - Sister Sara's Birthday Sail).

2. The date of the event.

3. The desired start and stop times (Which we may have to adjust due to wind, weather or other factors).

4. Your guest's name. This only applies to the member requesting the sail and you are only allowed one guest. All other members are not permitted to bring a guest unless there is space available and even then, they would be on a standby basis. If you have more guests than just your one guest, just have them join the group and I'll help you get them onto the sail. I can also accommodate more guests on a case-by+case basis. Just contact me and let's talk.

5. Detailed description for the event (e.g. - Come on out and help me celebrate my sister Sara's Birthday. She lives in Nebraska and is visiting San Diego for the first time, so let's show her the San Diego skyline from the water and maybe we can convince her to stay!)

Once I get your 5 bullet item request details, I'll bounce it off my very busy retired schedule and if I'm not otherwise engaged, I'll post the sail on the SDSMC meetup site and automatically put you and your guest on the sail and then open the sail up to other SDSMC members to join in on the event.

Here's the meetup rules and guidelines so everyone can have an enjoyable experience.

1. If you RSVP Yes to an event, please make every effort to go to the event.

2. If you find that you are not able to go to the event, go back onto the website and change your RSVP to No.

3. If you RSVP for an event and the event is full, you will be placed on a wait list. If you really want to go to an event, keep your schedule flexible and be available to go, even up until the last minute. There is now a standby policy. Contact me to get details.

4. If you are on the waitlist and do end up making other plans, go onto the site and change your RSVP to No and let the next person that is willing to wait move up instead.

5. If the event is open to you and a guest, you are responsible for that guest. If the guest cancels, go onto the RSVP Yes list and change your RSVP to remove your guest so the next person on the wait list can move onto the Yes list. However, SDSMC generally does not permit guests or +1's unless you are the host member, so that members of the group can enjoy the events without non-members taking available slots. And it also helps me to know that everyone in the boat has read the rules beforehand so there's no surprises when they step aboard.

6. After an event is concluded, don’t just pack up your stuff and leave. It is common courtesy to offer to help clean up, take out the trash, put things away as well as securing the boat after a sail, including washing down the boat, where feasible.

7. If you RSVP Yes for an event and do not show up for the event and especially if you do not call or message me in advance, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP.

8. Please note that you will also be required to sign a Release of Liability waiver in order to participate in these sails.

9. All sails are free but a donation jar will be available should you wish to contribute to it.

Let's go sailing,

Captain Jack

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