San Diego, CA

Joined group

Mar 5, 2014


Pronounced like "Brian", without the "Br". Got a uke in Feb 2014 & haven't stopped since. I can be seen playing baritone uke &, on occasion, tenor uke. (I sneak in a tenor guitar when no one is looking, shh!) Picked up the short-scale bass, too.

How long have you been playing or interested in playing the Ukulele?

Just picked one up at the end of Feb 2014. I had never even touched or seen one before then.

Do you currently own a Ukulele (how many)?

Why have 1 when 19+ will do? I am a poster child for UAS (ukulele acquisiton syndrome).

What your favorite song to play or would like to learn to play on the Uke?

I like Wagon Wheel. Because it universally annoys everyone in every group I've played with.

Do you play any other instruments?

Keyboard, trumpet, cajon/djembe, melodion, glockenspiel, flute(-ish), guitar (kinda). Uke-wise, I mostly play baritone. Lately, I've been playing ukes in alternative tunings (CGDA & GDAE) because I have too many ukes and thought "why not?"

What would you like to see out of this group?

More social outtings (i.e. beach jams, camping jams, festival trips, etc.)