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The South East Michigan Asperger Support Group

From Lisa, the groups' original founder;

"I encourage you to join this support group if you, your child, family member, spouse, or a friend, have Asperger's Syndrome. If you're someone who works regularly with children on the spectrum and wish to learn more, this is the group for you as well. I'm the parent of two young adults (20 and 18) both of whom have Asperger's. Their father has Asperger's as well, so I know what it's like being a wife AND mother of three on the spectrum. I wish to share my knowledge, trials, and tribulations with those who join. Also, I'd like my members who are on the spectrum to also share their knowledge. Parents (such as myself) and spouses certainly need understanding, guidance and knowledge of what it's like being the parents/mother/father/spouse/friend of one with Asperger's. Please note, this group is open to those on the spectrum, as well as those who are not, so it's a mixed group of Aspies and neurotypicals (those not on the spectrum), who have sought out a group to help them with their young children, teens, adults children, spouse. or friend. Please respect this issue. If you're looking for a group of just those on the spectrum, this group isn't for you. We are an all inclusive group, as I believe we can all learn from each other."

Note; children going to these meetups currently have been mostly above the age of ten. In the past, trips for parents and young kids have taken place at non-library settings, such as the Detroit Zoo. At the moment we are having just basic open-ended type discussion sessions, both among parents of Asperger Syndrome children, and adults that have the Syndrome themselves. This group has always been open, sympathetic, welcoming and non-judgemental in understanding these issues.

Since Lisa had to leave as Organizer there has been a change in Organizers: Currently John Delphia is handling the organizer functions since he was already making the Troy Library reservations available. John Delphia (see on member info) is a married man in his mid fifties who has been officially diagnosed with the Asperger Syndrome since 2012, and can discuss about spousal relationships since he has been married since 1988. (His wife and daughter don't have Asperger Syndrome.)

The Troy Public Library allows one free reservation for us per month, so this meetup group has been having a get together on the first Monday or Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. See our calendar for details. There are no costs for you to attend this group's meetings -- you can drop-in late as well, attend as many or as few meetups as you like.

If you are unfamiliar with the Troy Library please take the time to look at;

Whatever your reasons may be to want to attend -- if even for one event which is ok -- if you're not sure if you have Asperger Syndrome, or just want to know if you should be officially tested, or want to understand how to handle a friend, or a neighborhood child, spouse, relative, etc. with Asperger Syndrome, you can get honest, hopefully useful for you answers at our meets.

-- Sincerely, John D.

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