Category Theory for Programmers Part 3

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The Riveter: Fremont

1300 North Northlake Way · Seattle

How to find us

The door to The Riveter will be locked; if there isn't someone to greet you, post a message on the meetup discussion.

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Bartosz will be presenting his third series of lectures on Category Theory over 5 consecutive Thursdays in Fremont. You can learn about his previous lectures through SeaHUG at, and his book on the same subject here:

The topical outline for this series is as follows:

1. Algebras related to monads and Lawvere theories. Free algebras and free monoids.
2. Generalizing products and coproducts: ends and coends, ninja Yoneda lemma, Kan extensions.
3. Enriched categories, n-categories, groupoids.
4. Topoi

Please RSVP with your full name and email so that we can provide the venue with a list of attendees, and to save time checking in.