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This is a group for anyone interested in wearable technology, biohacking/biosensors, the internet of things and meeting others who are passionate about learning and building within this space. This is for big thinkers and driven creators, so technical and non-technical types are equally welcome. I started this group for other innovators, hackers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in pushing current technologies to better track and optimize ourselves and the changing world around us.

The vision for this Meetup is to create a collaborative physical space with a strong emphasis on developing products and teams for personal projects, hackathons/competitions, startups that focus on wearable technology. Seattle is rich with thought leaders, creators, and crazy people who want to disrupt or improve existing paradigms. I truly look forward to meeting you people.

The initial motivation for this Meetup came from my growing interest in sleep optimization and “smart alarms." Smart alarm applications use features like a cell phone's accelerometer to estimate one's REM cycle stage in order to turn on during the lightest stage of sleep. The goal is to optimize a standard alarm, to eliminate the typical unrested morning feeling, and to minimize unproductiveness from interruption during deeper sleep cycles.

If you have a lab, make-space, garage, office, etc. where you would like to host a SeaWear Meetup, please contact us (Yuriy). We'd love to hear from you and we're always looking for interesting venues.


“The past ten years have been about discovering new ways to create, invent, and work together on the Web. The next ten years will be about applying those lessons to the real world.” — Chris Anderson (courtesy of the Hack Things meetup page (http://www.meetup.com/Hack-Things/))

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Power Supplies for Wearables
Needs a date and time

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One of the more challenging aspects of wearable technology is the power supply requirements - multiple voltages and light weight. This could be an opportunity for members to both learn and mentor others of the group on power supply techniques for wearables.

How to leverage HealthKit with your wearable.
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

Apple has provided an API and UX platform for the collection and display of wearable / biohacking technology. How about an introduction to HealthKit for the group?

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