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THE DATES FOR THIS JOURNEY COINCIDE WITH ROMAN PARTIES OF “ARDE LUCUS”*: A magical phenomenon takes over again from every little space in the city, transforming it completely, filling it with ancestral characters who should no longer walk among us ... THEY ARE SO POPULAR THAT BY MARCH THERE ARE NO ROOMS IN A 50 KM RADIUS AND WE HAVE TO RELEASE MOST BOOK ROOMS BY THEN SO IN ORDER TO SECURE A PLACE WE ARE ANNOUNCING THIS TRIP NOW WITH AN EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: 1 to 3 NIGHTS AT A MODERN 3 STAR HOTEL NEAR THE LUGO WALLS . THIS JOURNEY IS ALSO PUBLISHED IN SPAIN: For those who want to practice Spanish conversation! We would love you to enjoy this fabulous trip with the members of Secretos de España & Secrets of Spain. We´ve chosen an amazing trip at the dates when the parties are celebrated! *More info: TRAVEL SUMMARY: 15/06/2019 - LUGO, FIRST DAY: · City Walls · Roman bridge · Main Square · Marcelle (zoo) 16/06/2019 - RIBADEO, SECOND DAY: · Praia das Catedrais (beach). · Ribadeo (boat ride) LUGO, LAST DAY: - Miño Park DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES: 15/06/2019 - FIRST DAY: In the morning: We will visit the legendary fortified Lugo Walls, the only ones that remains intact in the world and only for that reason it is worth coming to see it. We will go up to the “adarve” (highest part of the fortified walls and contemplate Lucus Augusti (the roman parties & performances). We will see the Roman Bridge, one of the most beautiful places in this city. We will visit the Plaza Mayor and the old town. We will eat traditional Galician delicacies in a family restaurant with a stately air from the 18th century. In the afternoon: We will enjoy a visit to the Marcelle zoo, where we can see species of the native fauna, such as the wolf, the wild boar, the brown bear... but also exotic species such as the bison, meerkats, kangaroos... 16/06/2019 - SECOND DAY: In the morning: Mandatory stop in Ribadeo, a beautiful village located on the border between Galicia and Asturias. An ideal place to enjoy good country / sea food and its picturesque village. We will take a wonderful boat ride along the Ribadeo estuary, we will discover the union between two twons and cultures, and we will even stop in Castropol, (town on the Asturian Riviera) to have a bit of their local traditionally grown cider. After the boat ride, we will enjoy the spectacular Galician cuisine in a charming restaurant next to the port. In the afternoon: To end the day at the beach of the Cathedrals is priceless; it was declared Natural Monument. We will cross the narrow corridors between the cliffs, crevices, caves and under their enormous arches. A spectacular landscape, crystal clear waters, fine white sand, worth admiring its beauty. 17/06/2019 THIRD DAY: We will say goodbye to Lugo, and with a very good taste in the mouth, taking a beautiful walk along the river Miño. The Miño Park is the ideal place to relax, enjoy outdoor activities, lie down and sunbathe... a place where is extremely easy to disconnect from the mundane World. After the boat ride, we will enjoy a spectacularly nice and tasteful local cuisine´s dinner. * WE HAVE RESERVED 30 HOTEL PLACES (DOUBLE ROOMS, SNGLES AND TWINS) * BUT WE HAVE TO HURRY UP!!!*** ***IT IS ESSENTIAL TO MAKE THE PAYMENT ASAP AS BY MARCH THERE ARE NO ROOMS IN A 50 KM RADIUS AND WE HAVE TO RELEASE MOST BOOK ROOMS AND BY THE 14 MAY 2019 WE WILL HAVE TO RELEASE NON-SOLD ONES BECAUSE OF THE GREAT DEMAND OF ACCOMMODATION*** FULL REIMBURSEMENT OF THE COST OF THE ROOM IF YOU CANCEL BEFORE 17/05/2019*. You can also sell your space in our Meetup.* AN ADMINISTRATION FEE OF ONLY TEN EUROS WILL BE APPLIED. **** WE WILL UPLOAD A NEW JOURNEY WITH CHEAPER OPTION FOR SINGLES OR TWO FRIENDS SHARING A ROOM IN CHARMING RURAL PENSION ***** BOOK NOW AND SEND YOUR DETAILS * so that we can book the hotel rooms (we will send you confirmation of your reservation). BOOK NOW AND PAY THE REST LATER, TO YOUR CONVENIENCE (contact us for this option). *NEEDED DETAILS: Name and surnames as they appear on your identity document of the person (s) that will be staying in the room, age, if you smoke (for hotels that have this type of room) and any special request * that you want to indicate for example vegan, vegetarian food, room in the lowest / highest possible, close to each other, near the lift, with views... (* We remind you that hotels do not guarantee special requests but they do their best to attend them and inform you of the possibility or not of attending them). TRAVEL COST PER PERSON VAT INCLUDED(Includes 3 Star Hotel, Breakfast and all transfers by bus) *******WE HAVE SET THE RSVP TO THE COST OF THE CHEAPEST ROOM OPTION X PERSON GBP 347,60 IF YOU REQUIRE ANOTHER ROOM TYPE PLEASE CONTACT US TO PAY THE REST******** WE WILL UPLOAD A NEW TRIP WITH BED AND BREAKFAST CHEAPER OPTION FOR SINGLES OR TWO FRIENDS SHARING A ROOM********** FROM 14 to 17/06/2019 COMPLETE TRAVEL* *Last year costs. we will confirm prices after the 14/06/2018 but will not to be more than 10%. Double room without views ................. 2 people x GBP 347,60 Single room .......................... 1 person x GBP 514,05 Double Room WITH VIEW ............. 2 people x GBP 375,90 Double Bed without views ......................... 1 person x GBP 530,09 Room 2 single beds ........ 2 people x GBP 366,60 no views OTHER SAME TRIP BUT LESS DAYS OPTIONS (Please ask if interested as not uploaded yet but will be soon) FROM 16 to 18 06/2018 - (1 night less Double room without views ................. 2 people x GBP 215,06 Single room .......................... 1 person x GBP 326,69 Double Room WITH views ............. 2 people x GBP 232,59 Double Bed without views ......................... 1 x GBP 340,72 Room with 2 single beds ........ 2 people x GBP 215,06 no views ONLY SATURDAY 16/06/2018 - (2 nights less) Double room without views ................. 2 people x GBP 107,53 Single room .......................... 1 person x GBP 163,35 Double Room WITH views ............. 2 people x GBP 116,30 Double Bed without views ......................... 1 person x GBP 170,36 Room 2 single beds ........ 2 people x GBP 107,53 no views * BUT if you bring a friend you will pay the same as the couples, if you stay in the single rooms that have two beds. So do not hesitate, share it on your social networks and tell all your friends so you do not have to pay more BUT HURRY UP since there are not many of them rooms available. COSTS INCLUDE: 3 NIGHTS AT A FABULOUS & MODERN 3 STAR HOTEL NEAR THE LUGO WALLS IN DOUBLE OR INDIVIDUAL, OR TWINS ROOMS , PLUS ALL COACH TRANSFERS (including airport transfers). - Breakfast is included in the price of the room. - Rooms with double bed for two or one person option. - Room with 1 double bed or 2 single beds, minibar and private entrance. Modern hotel is located in the centre of Lugo, next to the famous city walls. It offers bright, air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, a safe, a minibar and a private bathroom. THE COST DOES NOT INCLUDE: • MEALS AND DRINKS OUTSIDE, NOR FLIGHTS OR MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION CHOSEN TO COME UNTIL THE PLACE OF ENCOUNTER, MEETING-POINT. • COST OF RETURN FLIGHTS FOR THIS TIME OF THE YEAR IS AMAZINGLY ONLY GBP[masked] NOW! SO HURRY! BOOK NOW BEFORE THEY GO UP!! WE CAN BOOK IT FOR YOU OR YOU CAN BOOK YOURSELVES. YOU WILL NEED TO BOOK THE FOLLOWING FLIGHTS. THERE IS ONLY ONE FLIGHT A DAY SO IT WOULD NOT BE DIFFICULT TO FIND BUT THESE ARE THE DETAILS AND THE CHEAPEST PLACE TO BOOK THEM IS ON VUELING *** FLICHT DETAILS FOR WHOLE TRIP *** *Based on last year price. Won´t be available to book until the 14/06/2018 and prices might be cheaper then. We will update on such date. Outbound - 15/06/2019 - cost: 84.46 GBP Heatrhow (LHR) 20:30 h – Arrives in A Coruña (LGC) at 23:30 Return - 18/05/2019 - 32.84 GBP A Coruña (LCG) 18:15 h - Arrives in London Heatrhow (LHR) at: 19:15 h *We have included screenshots of the flights chosen in the photos OR *** FOR LESS DAYS USE WEBS ABOVE OR ASK US *** (The flight matches the arrivals of those flying from Madrid to A Coruña!). WHAT TO BRING: Bring equipment for hiking and beach and outing: hiking boots and other comfortable shoes, water, rain jacket, sunscreen lotion, a hat, sunglasses, swimwear... IMPORTANT TO KNOW: You will be accompanied all the time, you are responsible for your own travel insurance, but the coaches hired in Spain already have passenger insurance. CURRENCY: Euros. ACCOMMODATION: We will stay in A FABULOUS & MODERN 3 STAR HOTEL NEAR THE LUGO WALLS WITH DOUBLE, OR INDIVIDUAL, OR TWINS ROOMS, in the center of Lugo, next to the famous city wall. It offers bright, air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, a safe, a minibar and a private bathroom. The hotel bar always serves snacks and drinks. In addition, there are several traditional restaurants nearby. Those who travel as a group love the location - they have put an 8.5 for stays of several people. Breakfast is rated as very good too! VISA & TRAVEL INSURANCE: If you are a European citizen you will not yet need a visa but if you are no European Citizen It is the responsibility of each traveller to contact the Embassy or Consulate of Spain to verify their requirements and organise their own visa if necessary. The process must be quite smooth. Travel insurance must be obtained by each of those travellers who may need it before the trip. European citizens can travel with a valid form of identification. You must notify us once booked to confirm the check-in on the dates of the hotel and the size of the buses. Booking and Payment Terms: 1) This trip is led by Edward David Handley, an entrepreneur running various businesses and also a travel specialist, who was a member of The Royal Marines´ Special Forces, a founder member of the Spanish outdoor adventures club "Avalancha" and a Boy Scout as a child, with experience in both Spanish and British Travel Tour Operators. He is British but grown in Spain. Black belt in Aikido with teaching qualifications and a volunteer teacher for Aikido for kids. He will personally welcome the group and accompany the group everyday as he ensures that you experience the legendary hospitality of the people and get the best bits of the beloved and beautiful land he grew up in. 2) This trip will only go ahead if we have 18 confirmed and paid attendees. This holiday will be advertised to our members in Spain too & around the world. 3) Payments can be made in a range of currencies depending on where you are located through a number of ways including. a. Paypal payment with a Paypal account or with any credit/debit card b. Transfer to bank accounts in London or Madrid. 4) The first thing to do is to RSVP to confirm your interest in joining this trip and at the same time send a Whatsapp/text message to [masked] or [masked] with your name and email address. You can also email [masked] with these details. All additional details will be provided thereafter and you will be added to an email group as well as a Whastapp group for combined communications and group Q&A. Join us for what will be an incredible holiday and trip of a life time! YOUR HOSTS FOR THIS EVENT IN THIS TRIP WILL BE: RUTH which is the coordinator and regional delegate of Galicia an autochthonous, endearing person, who shares your tastes for the natural, the beauty of the landscapes and the love of the sea and that thanks to her sympathy will delight this trip. AND EDWARD: is originally from UK and has Management credentials from the U.K. Chartered Institute of Management. He has been Operations Manager for Luxurious Gardens and Samurai Gardeners in the UK & Jardines de Lujo and in Spain. He has being planning well and long but finally running this new-born company called Secrets of Spain which specialises in travel to Spain and it´s islands mainly but once a year we go elsewhere... so that he can share with you and make you enjoy tailor made trips to savour the best of Spain, which is not sold by mayor tour operators, from gastronomic/folkloric/castle/waterfalls/wine-tasting routes... to sharing great adventures and enjoy outdoors and water activities in a country with a great geography and so many sunny days :)

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This is a group for anyone interested in discovering and enjoying the Secret places of Spain most British people and other nationalities miss when going to Spain. We will have all sort of activities from hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, to food/wine tasting routes, castles, cascades, boat trips, Spanish regional parties, Cultural cities of Spain, etc. All skill levels are welcome. I am British but grew up in Spain and I started this group to meet other outdoor/adventures enthusiasts looking forward to exploring the secret idyllic outdoors of sunny Spain with everybody. I am in communion with nature, I was a Spanish Boy Scout since very little and then went to The Spanish Royal Marines Special Forces (so you will be safe anywhere we go) and I am running this group with the help of friends members of our former group called "Avalanche" who are still based in Spain and also with an expert in Spanish Travel Industry.

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