Soul Travel: What is it and How do you do it?

Spiritual Experiences Group of Colorado Springs
Spiritual Experiences Group of Colorado Springs
Public group

Colorado Springs Eckankar Center

5245 Centennial Blvd Suite #100 · Colorado Springs, CO

How to find us

We are located just south of the Morningstar Assisted Living on the backside of the business complex. Plenty of parking.


"Soul Travel is a link to the expansion of consciousness. The rule of destiny holds that people will at some time begin to awaken to who and what they really are as Soul. With this higher state of consciousness comes a degree of perception, happiness, and mental clarity beyond description.

Join us to share and learn spiritual techniques that open the door to the incredible universes where we truly live and get us closer to the very heart of God."

A free booklet on The Wisdom of Soul Travel will be given out to newcomers.

Here is a link you can check out to know more about it