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August: Intro to Grunt with Abdul Habra

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Grunt is a JS task runner, usually used to develop and build JS/web
projects. Grunt scripts are themselves written in JS. Grunt has a
vibrant and growing set of plugins which allow you to do almost anything
you need to manage JS/web projects like running tests, jshint,
code formatting, concatenating files, uglifying, compressing,
generating docs, and test coverage. There are currently more than 1100 grunt plugins.

This presentation will introduce Grunt and show how to create a simple
project using grunt and how to run it. We will show how to use some of the popular
plugins. Then we will show how to create custom tasks and plugins.
It is expected that the audience can at least read and write simple JS syntax.

Abdul Habra has been professionally programming for almost 30 years.
This included many OS's and languages (PL/1, Modula-2, Ada, C, ... and JavaScript)
I have been using JavaScript since its early start, and it has monopolized
my time for the past 2 yeas. Abdul is "ahabra" at twitter, github, and yahoo.