Websockets and Methods for Real-Time Data Streaming with Steve Schwartz

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Barracuda Networks

317 Maynard Street · Ann Arbor, MI

How to find us

The inner door to Barracuda is locked. Please knock or use the intercom, and one of the organizers will let you in.

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Steve Schwartz will present Web Sockets in JavaScript. The first half of the presentation will be an eyes-forward overview of the technology and the second half will be a hands-on exercise using web sockets.

Here is a preview of what he will teach us:

// Steve (server)
var WebSocketServer = require('ws').Server ,
wss = new WebSocketServer({port: 8080});
wss.on('connection', function(ws) {
ws.on('message', function(message) {
ws.send("Sure thing, how's this?”);

// SEM.js (browser)
var connection = new WebSocket('ws://steve.alfajango.com', ['soap', 'xmpp']);
connection.onopen = function () {
connection.send("Can you please send an abstract for this presentation?”);
connection.onmessage = function(message) {
if (message) {
connection.send("Awesome, thanks!”);

Build your own plugin before the event, and submit a pull request!



About the Speaker:
Steve graduated from Kettering University as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. Steve is an avid open source enthusiast, having served on the Ruby on Rails core team, and developed popular open source libraries such as Dynatable.js. His last startup, Carcode, was acquired by Edmunds.com in 2014, and he is now the CTO and Co-founder of the genomics data startup, Genomenon, and managing member of Alfa Jango, which acts as a part-time CTO and development team for early stage startups.

Location - Barracuda (https://www.barracuda.com/company/careers)

Food - Aptiv (https://www.aptiv.com/careers)

Aptiv’s Connected Services team is a global provider of telematics and analytics solutions serving the transportation industry. We help our customers identify the data they need to operate more efficiently and produce better products.

Location: Dearborn/Allen Park

Relevant needs:
• Web Developers [React.js or TypeScript]
• Java Developers [Java 8, Spring]
• UX Designers [Sketch, Adobe]