Crafting Testable JavaScript with Bob Fornal

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# Summary:

How confident can we be that untested code is free of bugs? Tested code increases confidence that a project is free of bugs.

Good unit tests ... test only one method. Good unit tests should not rely on other methods being called or used and should have only a single assertion.

Good integration tests ... verify that the parts can work together. Good integration tests strike a great balance on the trade-off between confidence and speed/expense.

* Less than 50% code coverage on a project is a red flag.
* Between 60% and 80% code coverage is the sweet spot.
* Anything over 80% is gravy.

What is testable code? What is a good unit test? Is there code we can watch for that can indicate potential issues that will make testing difficult? These questions and more will be covered in this presentation.

# Bio

Senior Developer with Leading EDJE: Husband, father, and programmer
Husband, father, and ... programmer (senior developer). My focus is on front-end development:

* JavaScript
* AngularJS and Angular
* React
* Ionic