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What we’re about

Meet people and business owners who are interested in Search Engine Marketing (SEO) techniques, Social Media (SMM) and online marketing related to Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Share advice and create business and expert relationships. SEM San Diego is an SEM group created by me, local SEM Marketer Todd Meisler, and associates. We are pleased to announce that we are going to be holding regular meetups throughout the year for those interested in SEM, SEO, Social Media and other related topics.

Meetings to be held at CPC Strategy in San Diego. The meet ups will be a great chance for those working in the SEM industry and business owners a chance to meet like-minded people, network, learn something new and most of all have a fun evening.

As well as giving you the chance to meet business owners and SEM professionals, we will also be inviting screened and selected speakers to the meet ups so that you can also take away some actionable tips and tricks to implement them into your work and offer to your customers. The event is for people of all levels and abilities. There will be giveaways, discounts on relevant tools and events, a drink or two and maybe some tiny plates of food to keep everyone happy!